Thursday, 4 December 2008

Diana Ross: Style Icon

The Boss

Now, at the mere mention of her name some may applaud and speak in awe of this unique lady; then there are those who curse. Those that do the latter talk about her supposed part in the downfall of fellow Supreme Florence Ballard, they will speak about how she deviously rose, backstabbing her way to the top of the entertainment world, leaving her peers behind and of her sordid affair with Motown Svengali, Berry Gordy.
Then there are the many that laud this lady as the legendary music icon she is, without a doubt today. This Superstar, who started out from humble beginnings in the Brewster Projects of 1960s Detroit; the American dream personified. Armed with fierce determination and steel resilience to name just a few of things that this former fashion student exemplifies, Diane Ernestine Ross was indeed the cream that just simply rose to top. . . and stayed there.
However, whatever the varying opinions of this lady may be, there is one fact that most, if not all can agree on; Diana’s style was second to none from the time she exploded onto the public arena till today. Miss Boss has always worked it in her style in with whichever project her illustrious career happened upon.
Before Miss Ross, women in show business, especially Black women on screen did not have the audacity to up the glam factor in the way that she did. With all due respect to the female entertainers who paved the way for Miss Ross, images of black women on the screen were mostly either of the typical ‘Mammy’ types or of the over sexualised ones.
Diana with her figure hugging svelte glittering gowns, bouffant hair dos and big doll- like eyes fluttering with long striking lashes was indeed a force to be reckoned with. Her Supreme years at Motown not only proved to all that may have initially had doubts about a black woman being as alluring, stunning and enchanting as any of her white counterparts back in the day were but also solidified her stance as one style icon who was here to stay whether the naysayers liked it or not!
The Fashion Liaison salutes you Miss Ross.

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