Friday, 5 December 2008

Uggs not so cute!

Trying to keep cute and warm!
The winter season has arrived upon us once again with a vengeance. At home, here in London snow has been forecasted for the next few days and I am at this very moment hoping that my boiler doesn’t give up the ghost and call it a day. The thought of trying to stay warm in my ice block of a flat, which barely has some semblance of heat in the summer, never mind the winter, is actually quite frightening. Brrr... !!
Now each day as I leave for work, making sure that I am padded up to the nines is a top priority. I have the lot; Uggs, woolly hat, chunky wool scarf and an oversized coat to go over an already thick cardigan. The only thing that probably oozes a bit of class and style are my genuine leather Coach gloves purchased from Woodbury Common, New York; a snip at just $20.
How is a girl suppose to keep to her movie star style pledge looking like someone lost in a snow storm in this type of weather?
I think the main issue I have here is the Uggs. I mean they were cute and different when they first came out but now they just look ...Ugg!! That flat panned Barnaby bear foot look is just not working anymore. That plus too many women, and men too, are walking around with mashed up Uggs which are past chucking out stage. Recently in Beverly Hills, I saw a cute little girl wearing Uggs with a simple pair of shorts and a T. I thought it was quite cool how her simple summer clothing went well with what most here in London see as winter shoes. I kind of decided there and then that Uggs would probably look more eclectic, stylish and different with maybe a summer dress or even a bikini than with winter clothing.
But what alternatives do we have to replace Uggs in this dreary weather?
Not too many ladies want to deal with negotiating a heel in these sorts of weather conditions, especially if one plans to be out in the cold a lot, doing loads of walking. I am the same way but a girl needs to look hot even in bad weather too and flat shoes just aren't up to the task.
These cute suede cuffed wedge shoes above are from the Calvin Klein fall collection for 2008 and currently on sale at $507.
The beauties below are from the Stella McCartney collection and they were recently reviewed in Vogue magazine.

I am not too sure how one would negotiate the height of the platforms on these in the snow but there is no denying that these babies are just too hot for words! I would most certainly give them a go for the right price. I can picture it now, me in thick leggings, figure hugging woolly jumper dress with an exaggerated polo neck and those boots...ooh la la!! Such boots with knee high lengths would be ideal with the right dress too. Who says a girl has to stick to trousers to keep her legs warm in the winter when she can wear striking boots with lengths like these and a shapely feminine dress? These booties are available from Net-a-Porter for £827.
Now if you are like me and the credit crunch is kicking your butt then you will be praying feverishly for the likes of Faith, New Look , Aldos or ASOS to get their acts together (read copies) so we all rock Stella’s style at a more affordable price.