Tuesday, 22 February 2011

NO Ma'am Mrs. Knowles Carter!!

Singer Beyonce Knowles Carter opts to don blackface make-up in a tribute to Nigerian Legend, Fela Kuti’s dancers for French Magazine L’Officiel.  
It is quite disheartening that Beyonce, a woman of African descent felt it necessary to undertake this fashion shoot in such a manner in order to represent fellow African women.   

This could have been a spectacular spread had the Grammy award winning artist used her clout and position in the world entertainment industry to simply tell the powers that be at L’Officiel where to get off  

There were some shots of the singer without the offensive Blackface make-up, however these were overshadowed.
As an African American woman, Beyonce of all people should have been well aware of the history of this racist iconography and what it represented to African descended people in the Diaspora. 

The Fashion Liaison is disappointed. 

Since Beyonce's shoot failed to impress lets take a look back at some images of Fela’s amazingly talented dancers.

"African woman go dance, she go dance the fire dance" 
- Lady by Fela

Three of Fela's dancers getting down.


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